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Santero Moscato D'asti Docg
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SANTERO MOSCATO D’ASTI is a godsend, so a“twist bottle”is rarely enough.Formidable taste makes the wine suitable for many things. As a welcome, for desserts or to impress the good friends on a hot summer day on the terracee.


Country: Italy

Region:Italy / Northern Italy / Piemonte / Moscato d'Asti

Grape Variety:Moscato

Gradazione alcolica :5.5%

Size: 750ml


Produced from selected Moscato grapes. Made sparkling with the “Charmat” method. The color is light yellow golden reflections. Delicate fragrance and sweet taste are charac teristics of these grapes. With its intense, velvety and full taste, it will go down well with any type of dessert
Food Pairing: Fruits tart, rich cheeses
Varietal: Moscato Bianco