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Antigal UNO Malbec
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Brand Antigal
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Antigal Winery was established on the site of a historic winery in Russell, Maipú, Mendoza – Argentina, whose origin dates back to 1897.

With its completed refurbishment, Antigal achieved the very best in high-tech functionality while respecting the original appearance of a historically important landmark in Mendoza, Argentina. This historic building house a state-of-the-art facility whose gravity-flow platform system allows for a largely “hands-off” approach to winemaking eliminating the need for forceful pumps and crushers


Type: Red Wine

Country: Argentina

Region: Mendoza

Winery: Antigal Winery & Estates

Grape Variety: Malbec

Vintage: 2017

Gradazione alcolica :13.9%

Size: 750ml


Delicious plums strawberries and blackberry flavors with enticing hints of violets, vanilla, and milk chocolate