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D.O.M Benedictine
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Brand Benedict
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DOM Benedictine is a truly unique liqueur and it can be difficult to describe its taste. None of the botanicals used to make it dominates the blend and it is not medicinal like other herbal liqueurs. Instead, it has the flavor of sweet honey accented with holiday spices, stone fruits, and an herbal nuance.

Imagine brandy mixed with gin and sweetened with honey and you’ll have a close idea of the intriguing taste of Bénédictine.


Alcohol:             40%

Brand:               DOM Benedictine

Categrories:      Liqueur

Country:            France

Volume:             750ML



Amber in color with light green.


Fresh citrus peel, cardamom, cedar wood, nutmeg, sage and mace


Silky, honeyed, lightly spiced with saffron, ginger, cardamom, cloves and citrus zestines


Warming notes of mocha coffee, fudge, vanilla and pine sap emerge and last through the zesty, saffron and gingerbread finish.