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Tatenokawa Yamagata Plum (720ML)
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Yamagata prefecture boasts the biggest production of plums in North East Japan, 4th biggest in the country. We use bright red ripe plums from Chuzan Town. Words alone cannot describe the luxury of this elegantly sweet and sour combination of the scent of plums and the fruity syrupiness of the juice. This is a liqueur that surpasses even plum wine.

Tasting Note:

Made with only plum fruit juice, the brewer's alcohol and fructose, it is best drunk on the rocks. Sake drinkers will be able to enjoy a combination of sweet and sour tastes to the drink.

Product Details:

Size: 720ML

Polishing: 60%

Alcohol content: 16%

Category All Yar Round
Ingredients ・Plum fruit juice(Made in Yamagata)
・Brewer's alcohol
How to drink ・On the rocks