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Macallan 30 Year Old Double Cask
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Brand Macallan
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A perfectly balanced single malt matured for 30 years in sherry seasoned American and European oak casks. The Double Cask range tells the story of an incredible wood journey, from the vast green forests of northern Spain and the French Pyrenees and the lush forests of Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky, to create the perfect harmony.
This release showcases our unwavering commitment to uncompromised excellence as oak influence is the single greatest contributor to the quality, natural colour and distinctive aromas and flavours of our single malt whiskies.


Alcohol:              43%

Brand:                Macallan

Categrories:       Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Country:             Scotland

Volume:              700ML



Golden acorn and 100% natural


Fresh honeycomb, sweet toffee, red apple, fig and vanilla pod


A smooth melody of cinnamon, ginger, Madagascan vanilla, dried fruits and oak


Sweet oak, soft spice and toffee